Fur Harvesters Auction

Founded in 1991 and located in North Bay, Ontario, Canada, Fur Harvesters Auction Inc. (FHA) specializes in the global marketing of a wide variety of the best quality North American farm foxes as well as North American wild furs. In the whole world, FHA is the only known trapper owned and operated fur house and represents a cooperative effort and partnership with equal ownership by native and non-native trappers in marketing a wide range of wild fur products from all areas of North America to the Global fur trade.

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Fur Harvesters Auction is the source of the best wild fur for the global fur fashion industry and has gained respect and international recognition for its wonderful collection of unique, luxurious and exceptional products. The company’s fur collection is highlighted by the premium sable, beaver, foxes, lynx, and lynx cat that North America has to offer. All FHA’s products are graded to the highest professional standards and offered at four international fur auctions annually to manufacturers, wholesalers and fur brokers who are consistently satisfied with FHA’s extraordinary selection of wild fur.

Four fur auctions are conducted annually by FHA in Canada, North Bay and/or in cooperation with American Legend Cooperative of Seattle, USA and Saga Furs of Helsinki, Finland. The foundation of the company’s success lies in the provision of special and extraordinary attention to its customers’ individual requirements. The company’s services include:

Ranch Fur

Fur Harvesters Auctions Inc. is proud to market ranch fox of exceptional quality. Whether it is Mutation Fox or Silver Fox, FHA certainly has quality products for its customers.

Wild Fur

FHA offers fur dealers and trappers a professionally managed pelt auction house services that sell their fur to the world’s fur products producers of Greece, Italy, Russia, Korea, China, and many other manufacturing countries.

Trap Supplies

FHA’s trap supply business, Trans Canada Trapline – one of the largest trap supply store in Canada has developed gradually over the past 2+ decades into what is now Canada’s best marketing equipment and furbearer management supplier. They offer a wide range of furbearer management and marketing gear from the most famous and certified brands in the trapping industry. The company also offer free delivery on all Fur Harvesters Auction’s Fur across Ontario and to Trappers Council meetings when a representative from FHA is attending.


Fur Harvesters Auctions Inc. prides itself on the promotion and enhancement of Canada’s oldest land-based industry and offers the premium fur products and the best possible service for the benefit of all.

Fur Harvesters Auctions Inc. offer a wide collection service that covers every Canadian region and most of the United States.