How to Clean and Care for Natural Fur Clothing

Fur clothing is popular for its appealing aesthetics and luxurious luster. More importantly, they provide warmth that compares to no other clothing material. But most people feel lost when it comes to fur cleaning. This difficulty owes to the brittle, soft, and lightweight nature of the material.

Obviously, seeking the services of professional fur cleaners is the best way to go about this. But there isn’t always that luxury of time and resources. And buying a fur garment is a huge investment already. So some people resolve to homemade fur cleaning solutions. This article explains the simple tips that would help you clean your fur coat, gloves or hats without putting your garments out of shape.

Fur Cleaning

There is so much complexity that comes with having to remove dust, stains and dirt debris from fur. It is therefore super important to learn the steps that would help you to effectively eliminate all these without damaging your garment. And other actions to be taken to ensure your coat maintains its colorful luster for years.

  1. First, shake the fur to free it of any foreign particles that might be damaging its looks. This has to be done in an open space to allow dust and other particles to fly in different directions without posing allergic reactions to the people around. Make the shaking thorough for it to be effective.
  2. Using one of your broad, padded hangers, carefully hang your fur coat in a state that does not stretch its shoulders nor distort the arrangement of its hair. This is followed by brushing in the direction of hair using a cashmere brush and not just any regular brush. Be gentle and even with the brush strokes to avoid unplucking or distorting them. This way lint and hair are eliminated while the natural oily glow of fur is rekindled.
  3. Since there may be some stains this is where homemade fur cleaning solutions come in. One of the most common solutions used is a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water sprayed gently on the stained spot. Then rubbing the part lightly using a fine cloth follows. Please refrain from using any solvent or cleaner because that would damage your fur cloth.
  4. To remove the odor, place your fur cloth in a sealable vinyl garment bag to ensure no air gets in or out during the storage period. And before sealing the bag please insert a small open container that has ground coffee in it. Leaving the container open ensures that emissions from ground coffee are released to the overall vinyl garment bag, to be absorbed by the fur cloth. You then seal the bag and check again after 24 hours. When all is set and done you can remove your coat and store it in a cool, dark place.

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