How to Wear a Fur Collar?

Are you wondering how to wear a fur collar?

Fur collars have been popping up on runways as well as on the shoulders of celebrities. A quality collar made from real furs is a popular fur item on the market today. You can hop on this trend to add a touch of class to your outfits with a fur collar of your own. The image of this accessory evokes a sense of a graceful style, timeless sophistication, and effortless elegance. But do you know how to properly wear them?

Pulling off a mink fur collar is quite easier than you might think. Start by selecting a collar that matches your tastes and budgets. Then, add this accessory to your outfits for a glamorous night out or a casual day. Have fun pairing the fur collar with a wide range of items in your closet. Working these styling tips into your next ensemble will ensure your outfit gains some attention from the audience.

Pair Colors

If you are a fashion-forward dresser who likes to make a statement with their outfit, you can try this unique pairing to draw a few stares. You may need to search a bit harder in your closet to make this possible, but it is definitely worth the effort. This vintage outfit will give you a nice throwback to those times when fox fur collars were extremely popular.

Pairing this with a modern fur collar such as a purple or pastel pink, you will certainly make a statement with your outfit. Consider the different thrift stores around you to find the best vintage items to pair with your collar. These places will not only give you the best selection but you will also get the lowest price tag. It is also a fashion-conscious way to recycle other people’s unwanted clothing and save a few dollars.

Treat the Fur Collar like a Scarf

Scarfs are one of the basic elements of winter wear with designs and patterns abounding. You can go for a knit scarf or a scarf with a floral pattern. Perhaps the best option is to choose a medium to long length fur collar to keep the neck warm. Don’t allow it to fold too much but you can drape it around the back of the neck and cross the ends over the other.

This will allow you to make the ‘scarf’ your outfit’s focal point as it will be at the center and front on your torso. It is important to note that this style works well if the outfit is allowed to remain neutral. You should allow the fur’s natural beauty to shine in this outfit. It is also a smart idea to save uncommon or unique fur collars for a fashionable style like this one. It will definitely give them the attention they deserve from everyone around.

Wear Your Collar as a Vest

When the weather is slightly chilly, there are several ways you can pair your fur collar with a light jacket. One popular way is to Sport it around the neck and draped down the front half just like an open vest. This will require a long length collar but it is a cozy option for an afternoon outing.

The appearance of the vest will give you a casual vibe that will make your collar more versatile as you can wear it to a wide range of places. When you know you can wear it multiple times a week, it becomes a wider investment. You can pair the vest with a button-down shirt of you want a slightly more sophisticated or ultra-casual look. For an elegant appearance, you can pair silk with the fur collar.

Drape it Around Yourself Like a Blanket

If the winter air is cutting through your dress, consider using a fur collar as a blanket to protect yourself. For a stylish look, you can pair an elegant flowing top with well-tailored jeans. This versatile trick can be dressed up or down and is comfortable for a wide variety of situations. When draped properly, a wide collar should cover your shoulders and upper arm.

You can alternatively let it cover most of your arm while keeping it positioned in the crook of your elbow. Just like a pashmina shawl or a wrap, an elegant fur collar can give you easy access to this style as it adds a warming layer to your outfit. A genuine collar can give you the same benefits of a blanket while being very fashionable.

If you have medium length wool jacket or coat that you think would look better with a fur collar, you can use a short one to mimic the look of a genuine fur collar without necessarily investing in a new coat. All you have to do is drape the collar over the shoulders and arrange it over your coat’s collar. This can look very stunning with a number of coat styles and cuts.

You can even find a collarless coat you can dress up a bit with a fur collar around your shoulders. This style not only makes the coat appear more expensive and elegant but it also provides a way to keep your chest, neck, and shoulders warmer. These parts of the body are sometimes exposed to the winter elements as coats rarely close up to the neck. You can better protect the body from the elements with a genuine fur collar adorning your neck.

Experiment with Style

When it comes to your ensemble, a genuine fur collar of any variety will make a serious statement. Modern-day fashion has also ensured that a quality collar holds a place as being sophisticated and elegant regardless of how you choose to wear it.

The question is what type of fur collar do you want to add to your closet? If you are yet to decide on the size of the fur collar to go for, you can consider buying a longer length of fur. When you have more fur to work with, you can significantly reduce expand your styling options.

You can use a longer length fur collar for most of the styles on this list as well as other unique ways. Don’t let your fur gather dust in your closet because you don’t know how to wear it. At NordFur, we always say our clients not be afraid to bring it out and start experimenting with how it can best fit into your wardrobe today. 

Final Word

How do you wear your collar? What types of collars are your favorite ones? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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