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Winters are all about keeping you warm. But it doesn’t mean you have to ruin your look with bulky outerwear. Rather you can adorn yourself most luxuriously with the right fur headband or a pompom pendant. That is why NordFur presents to you an ensemble category of fur accessories.

If you wish to give a royal vintage touch to your persona, our genuine fur headbands and wraps are all there. Or, if you want something nice to embellish your neck in the most deluxe manner, just browse through our category and you will find the amazing fox fur pompom pendant.

Apart from the traditional wraps, you will also find other exquisite accessories in our collection. Just by looking at them, you will get to know how passionately we have worked to set up this assortment for you.

We take pride in presenting the stylish ribbon chokers for all women out there. These chokers comprise of soft silk ribbon bearing a pompom at both ends. This light and decent accessory can even accompany you during summers when you cannot wear any other fur outfit. Whether you tie it around your hair or simply around your neck, you are sure to impart radiance.

Apart from the durability and genuineness of materials, we have also taken care of the color variety. That’s why our accessories are available in a variety of hues. From the feminine pink to the exotic black, you can find the color of your choice right here.

And yes, don’t forget to look at our exclusive Cashmere fur scarf that is flooded with pompom decoration all over.

Whether you are getting ready for a casual hangout in those chilly mornings, or are embracing a more formal look for a memorable evening function, simply embellish your appearance with the right fur accessory and rock the party!