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About Our Detachable Fur Collars

The collection of detachable fur collars and stoles by NordFur is a representation of classic trends and traditions. Similarly to our other fur accessories, these fur collars are made with special care: from the design process to the finishing touches, we pride ourselves in handmade, detailed pieces.

While creating our genuine fur collar range, one of our main goals is to offer a wide range of different styles, fur types and shades to choose from, ensuring that all our customers find the perfect fit. But if you do not – individual orders are available.

Because of their outstanding quality, our handmade fur collars are lifetime pieces that will stay in perfect condition throughout the years.

We’ve built up a collection that features different silhouettes and shades. For customers who are looking for something monochrome and easy to wear, we have fur collars in various lengths, as well as gorgeous natural colors of fur like a silver fox or dyed black fox.

For those who love to be noticed, we offer colored fox fur (such as pink, deep blue or burgundy) with ribbons or pom pom detailing.

Besides all the designs, we have a range of different furs. Most of our collection consists of fox fur collars.

For a classy outfit, choose a mink fur collar, which is available in classic black or any other color upon request.

We believe in the uniqueness and importance of handcrafted luxury fashion, and providing the best materials for our customers. To ensure that you receive the highest quality fur collars, we carefully look after the whole production process. Sourcing the fur from a natural environment that guarantees good conditions for the animals is a big part of producing each individual collar.

When it comes to details, we use materials that effortlessly fulfill genuine fur, such as satin ribbons, silk lining and leather. These small touches not only match the fur beautifully but also guarantee comfortable wear and the unique design.