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About Our Fur Scarves

Fox fur scarves come in various colors and it is up to you to choose your perfect one to match your outfit. If you are searching for some simple, classic color accessory, you will love mink fur scarves.

Whatever type of fur scarf you are searching for, you won’t make a mistake by choosing one of chinchilla fur scarves. They are the softest scarves in our collection and you will definitely love to feel that right on your neck. Chinchilla fur is well known within people who love high fashion and is widely used by brands like Fendi.

Rex-rabbit fur scarves will do the perfect job to make you look stylish and warm at the same time. They are extremely soft, light to wear.

Fur accessories are always easy to combine with any outfit. A scarf tied with atlas will always look elegant and will stay recognized. When it comes to style and colors, a black fox fur scarf is one of the most outstanding accessories.

Pink fur scarf is a favorite choice within the younger ladies. Wear a red fur scarf if you want to be remembered in some special event. Red fox fur scarf will do the best job if you want an accent for your style. Besides the red fur scarf, blue, beige fur scarf is the second favorite choice of people who want to be in the center of attention.

Classic mink fur scarf, multicolor fox fur scarf, or elegant chinchilla fur scarf? Which one to choose? Real fur accessories go perfectly with every special occasion where you want to put your outfit on a whole new level. Real fur scarves can be worn from daily combinations to even the most formal events. Various types of scarves and colors will help you to finish your perfect outfit.

Every item at NordFur is handmade and you will be completely sure that you are wearing something special and authentic, made just for you.