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About Our Fur Hats

Are you searching for some high-quality, handmade, but also affordable fur hats?

When it comes to searching for the most classy winter fur hat, women always choose genuine mink fur hats.  The finest materials, 100% satisfaction of the customers, luxury, and a smile on your face are what you will get.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, the best would be to choose a sheepskin hat. It is well-known to be inexpensive, it easily imitates literally any other fur! Sheepskin hats usually come with different details, like leather parts of many types and in diverse colors.

Beaver hat is another great choice. They are made from the finest beaver fur and have been an important fashion accessory since the XVI century! Beaver fur is definitely one of the softest materials men and women can choose. They can perfectly suit every outfit combination.

In the fashion world, genuine fur has a special place, because it does not lose its value for decades. Choose from a simple fur cap to any type of Russian winter hats, including ushanka hats and trapper hats. These hats have ear flaps which can be also tied up and create the ”crown” of the hat. Think about getting some hats with fur trim for yourself and your beloved ones. They are perfect for cold days outfit combinations.

Any of real fur trapper hats is one of the first choices when it comes to finding a perfect and comfortable winter hat. It will keep you warm even when the coldest winter appear. Trapper hats can be found in different types, colors, designs. It is up to you how you will wear it.

Younger girls tend to choose bright colors, for example, pink. At NordFur, you are able to find countless different shades of fox fur hats.

If you want something very special and extraordinary, go with a silver fox fur ushanka hat which will make everyone around you out of the breath. This hat can be perfectly combined and worn for every occasion-from daily ones to those where you want to be noticed!

With our knit cashmere beanie hats you won’t stay cold this winter. These are different hats, but they still are top quality comfortable headwear. Knit hats are perfect for active leisure, sports, traveling or for everyday wear.