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About Our Hooded Fur Coats

Fur hooded coats and jackets have a slight advantage over the regular fur coats.

Everyone loves the sense of grandeur and elegance communicated from fur apparel. That’s why most fur coats are desirable for formal occasions. But, at times, it becomes difficult to provide warmth to your head and ears at such conditions. Most women feel annoyed to carry separate fur scarves and hats with their fur coats as it not only burdens them but may also reduce the spark of their persona.

In such situations, a hooded fur coat comes in as a savior. Besides providing warmth, it also serves as an easy to manage substitute to accompany you at formal events, where you can choose when to put on and off the attached hoodie.

Though, wearing hoodies is a swift way to transform a formal appearance into a casual one. Yet, you cannot manage to carry a separate hoodie with you all the time, especially during winters. Certainly, a hooded fur coat helps you with this too.

For more formal instances, you can simply let the hood flow at the back and grace the event with your sparkling persona. Or, when needed, just pull on the hood and you are ready to convey a casual and friendly feel.

Keeping in view this convenience, NordFur has made a dedicated collection of these hooded coats. Being made from the finest quality original furs, you can trust the endurance and longevity of the apparel. We have also managed to arrange a wide variety of coats bearing different designs, and colors to provide you with more choice.

Browse through our collection and grab the one that meets your requirements!