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About Our Shearling, Sheepskin Coats & Jackets

One of the finest delicacies among winter apparel, particularly, the warm outwear, includes the sheepskin coats or jackets. These coats are not only cozy for the wearer but also endow a graceful appearance. If you are looking for warm outerwear that doesn’t make you look furry, perhaps, you need a sheepskin jacket or coat.

Unlike the traditional fur coat style, sheepskin apparels are way easier to carry. You can wear them on formal occasions or as part of your daily wear during fall and winter. Owing to their minimalistic base, sheepskin coats and jackets come in a wide variety of designs, from the simplest single-color outfits to the more decorated ones.

Moreover, you will also find with us different varieties linking back to sheepskin, such as a karakul coat, or even the slightly vintage variant – the mouton coat. And, if you are interested to buy the one with a hood to adopt a more casual look, then we have the right hooded shearling coat too.

Alongside coats, we have sheepskin jacket options too. These jackets fit perfectly to jazz up your femininity in an elegant manner. Whereas, they have an inner shearling fur lining to ensure the utmost comfort for the wearer.

At NordFur, we not only make our products look wonderful but also work towards ensuring their durability. Therefore, if you are planning to add a genuine sheepskin attire to your wardrobe that becomes a luxurious legacy, our coats and jackets is the right choice.

Just go through our coat collection to find the one that meets your requirements.