Burgundy Red Fox Fur Collar


Fox Fur Collar / Stole / Shoulder Wrap for Women

Color: burgundy red

Looks perfect on coats, jackets, dresses, sweaters

Light, soft and warm to wear

Collar length: 51 inches (130cm)

Fur quality: Saga Furs

Handmade lining, 100% silk, black color

Fastened with hook



Are you ready to add unique winter apparel to your wardrobe? Here we have a uniquely shaded fur collar for you.

Presented here is a gorgeous fur collar for women that draws attention with its exclusive burgundy red color.

The collar will create an exceptional look with a length of 51 inches and a notable width.

You can either use it as an embellishing fur collar. Or, you can wear it as a shoulder wrap for a fancy façade whilst keeping yourself warm.


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