Keyhole Black Fox Fur Long Collar


Fox Fur Collar / Stole / Shoulder Wrap with Keyhole Function for Women

Collar length: 60 inches (152cm)

Various wearing positions available

Color: black

Looks perfect on coats, jackets, dresses, sweaters

Light, soft and warm to wear

Fur quality: Saga Furs

Handmade lining, 100% silk, black color

Fastened with hook



Shown here is a graceful and flashy fur collar that is huge enough to wrap around you.

Being made from real fox fur, the collar warrants endurance and comfort to the wearer.

It is available in an all-black color that looks striking and elegant.

With a length of 60 inches, you can easily put on this piece as a regular collar, while tying it through the provided fastening hook.

Or, you can use it a shoulder wrap for the ultimate chic look. Lined in black silk.


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