Long Light Blue Fox Fur Collar


Fox Fur Collar / Stole / Shoulder Wrap for Women

Color: light blue

Looks perfect on coats, jackets, dresses, sweaters

Light, soft and warm to wear

Collar length: 60 inches (152cm)

Fur quality: Saga Furs

Handmade lining, 100% silk, black color

Fastened with hook



Looking for a nice shoulder wrap to adorn you in winters? This stylish fur collar is all you need.

It is an exquisite collar boasting real fox fur and an extremely long length of 60 inches. Being that long, it also exhibits great width. Hence, it covers you all the way from your shoulders to the waist and decorates your personality.

You can adopt a luxurious persona even with a simple dress by putting this fur collar on.


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