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Black Velvet Mink Fur Collar


English style mink fur collar

Fits perfect on coats, jackets, dresses

Natural black velvet mink fur

Silk lining

Length: 90cm



When it’s about fur collars, you might want to ditch that heavy look without compromising on luxury. Thus, here we have an English style collar. This collar is made of real mink fur which also makes it light in weight. The velvet fur imparts a silky feel to the wearer which is further enhanced by the silk lining on the inner side. This collar gets along well with all coats, jackets, and evening gowns and other dresses. So, regardless of the event, you end your worries regarding your appearance the moment you put on this black velvet mink fur collar.

1 review for Black Velvet Mink Fur Collar

  1. rindervell

    My girlfriend alerted me daily of her wish to get this collar after enjoying the view on the necks of so many. I ordered it when I had the chance and now I am free of worries. She is enjoying it though.

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