Pink Fox Fur Collar


Fox Fur Collar / Stole / Shoulder Wrap for Women

Color: pink

Collar length: 51 inches (130cm)

Looks perfect on coats, jackets, dresses, sweaters

Light, soft and warm to wear

Fur quality: Saga Furs

Handmade lining, 100% silk, black color

Fastened with hook



An extremely long fur collar enhances the femininity of a woman, and this feeling further jazzes-up when the collar comprises of real pink fox fur. This is what you get with this stylish fox fur collar.

It comes in a catchy and attractive pink color that adds delicacy to your overall appearance. Moreover, it’s long 51-inches length is just enough for a luxurious feel.

For ease of carriage for the wearer, the collar bears a fastening hook that remains veiled in the thick fur hairs.


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