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Silver Fox Fur Scarf


Silver fox fur scarf tied with black atlas band

Dimensions: 55cm x 5cm

Handmade lining, 100% silk



A fur scarf serves as a wonderful adornment for women. Be it simple coats and jackets, or the more extravagant gowns and evening dresses, a nice fur scarf suffices to enhance your overall appearance. Certainly, if you have a luxurious real fur scarf, you can become the center of attention at all events right away. That is why we have included this impressive scarf in our collection for you.

This silver fur scarf comes in the catchy silver color that adds a touch of shimmering to your outfit. It is made from real fox fur so that you stay assured of its high quality, luxury, and endurance. You can easily wear it with all attires. Plus, it also bears a black atlas band so that you can tie it as you put it on without hassle. It comes in a manageable length of 55cm, and a small width of 5cm that is just enough to adorn your neck. Besides, you will remain comfortable as you wear it owing to its silk lining.

1 review for Silver Fox Fur Scarf

  1. Alice Gerard

    Scarf looks as nice as in the photos, fur of silver fox is soft and fluffy, feels good to wear.

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