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  • what to do with old fur coats clothing What To Do With Old Fur Coats?

    What to do with old fur coats? Of course, throwing it away is an entirely senseless and costly deed. Nonetheless, there are numerous other ways to make the most of your old fur coat. When it comes to following the winter fashion trends, everyone loves to wear fur clothing & accessories. Certainly, fur coats are […]

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  • fur ban Fur Ban: Should It Be Supported or Not?

    We all love to wear those soft clothes made of or decorated with fur. They are not only comfortable to wear but also add trendiness to our winter clothing. In most cases, those fur products are made of farmed rabbit, mink, fox fur. Wearing fur keeps us warm, cozy and healthy when the weather is […]

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  • fur cleaning care How to Clean and Care for Natural Fur Clothing

    Fur clothing is popular for its appealing aesthetics and luxurious luster. More importantly, they provide warmth that compares to no other clothing material. But most people feel lost when it comes to fur cleaning. This difficulty owes to the brittle, soft, and lightweight nature of the material. Obviously, seeking the services of professional fur cleaners […]

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  • Wide silver fox fur collar for coats, jackets, dresses How to Wear a Fur Collar?

    Are you wondering how to wear a fur collar? Fur collars have been popping up on runways as well as on the shoulders of celebrities. A quality collar made from real furs is a popular fur item on the market today. You can hop on this trend to add a touch of class to your […]

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  • sustainable ethical slow fashion nordfur A Guide to Slow Fashion

    What is slow fashion?  Slow fashion is a sustainable way of shopping that emphasizes quality over quantity.  This concept is centered around an ecological and an ethical fashion definition which values recycling existing materials and creating new ones in an eco-friendly and fair manner. This is with the aim of preventing damage to the environment […]

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  • How to wear black fur vest How to Wear a Fur Vest?

    A fur vest is a comfortable, cozy and stylish accessory, but it will only look marvelous if it is worn the right way, with the right outfit. Learning how to wear a fur vest will help you make the most of this garment and will take your outfit to a higher level. You may dread […]

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  • Nordfur fur clothing & fashion 10 Types of Winter Hats: the Guide to Cold Weather Headwear

    With so many types of winter hats, there must be the perfect one to suit your daily outfit, keep you warm during the cold season The question is: Which hat should I choose? We are happy you asked! Various types of winter hats have been worn for centuries to keep people warm during the harshest […]

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