10 Types of Winter Hats: the Guide to Cold Weather Headwear

With so many types of winter hats, there must be the perfect one to suit your daily outfit, keep you warm during the cold season

The question is: Which hat should I choose? We are happy you asked!

Various types of winter hats have been worn for centuries to keep people warm during the harshest winters. Nowadays, fur hats are made not only to keep us warm but look nice too.

It is an amazing accessory that has its value in the fashion world. Usually, these hats are made in a classy way, but there are ones made a modern way, with bright colors and unexpected design decisions.

If you are wondering how many and what types of winter hats exist, be ready to find out about some you have maybe just heard of.

Winter hat types by fur

Mink fur hats

Mink fur has always been connected with affluence and some high society. Nowadays, these hats are popular among everyone. These hats have it all: lightness, warmth, any hat model could be made of mink fur.

The good thing about hats made of mink fur is they are good to wear for years.

The comfort is a huge plus too. You can wear a mink fur hat for literally a whole day without even noticing, yet, everyone around you will definitely notice this glamorous piece of accessory.

Fox fur hats

Ladies and gentlemen prefer this fur because it comes in various natural colors like white, silver, or even red, also in any other dyed color.

This type of fur is definitely one of the softest you will ever find. Its fluffiness is what we love about it, so will you.

Beaver fur hats

As already mentioned above, trapper hats are famous worldwide, and especially in those countries where the winters are harsh. Beaver fur hats mostly come in the version of trapper hats, therefore, they are one of the most favorite accessories among men who love the colors of it. It can be dark brown on the back side while shading to even pale golden. Definitely the best gift for a gentleman if you are in doubt.

Sheepskin fur hats

People who wear sheepskin fur hats claim how the best about these is definitely how wool doesn’t shred. It is literally attached to the skin, so everyone can rely on its quality. It also never loses its shape and sages. The sheepskin fur hat is definitely the best choice for everyone who wants a durable product because this one is literally flame resistant. What can be better than that?

Types of Winter Hats by Style

Ushanka hats

This is a traditional Russian hat with ”ears” which can be tied up in different ways. People who love tradition and respect the quality of this fur hat know all the qualities it has. In the nowadays fashion, it comes in various colors and has some added details which make it wearable on any occasion.

Russian hats

Fur hats and trooper hats are definitely the most famous Russian hats all around the globe. Ushankas are, as mentioned above, also originally Russian hats. The best about these hats is how they always have a soft and warm interior. Russian hats are made from different types of fur, such as rabbit fur, sheepskin, beaver, fox, raccoon or even coyote fur. Its superior quality makes it never go out of the style.

Trapper Hats

Definitely, another winter essential you need to get for yourself. If you want your hair, head, and ears to stay warm during the cold weather, this will be your perfect choice. You can always tie it up at the back or at the top of your head-wear it in different ways to make the best impression.

Men mostly like winter fur hats which are made from leather and real fur. These hats are definitely one of the most durable ones that exist in the whole market. As Ushanka hats, these also have ears which can be tied up in two different ways, as already mentioned above. Many countries have their own authentic trapper hats which vary a bit in style.

Aviator hat

For sports lovers, the best advice would definitely be to get an aviator hat. The truth is how these hats are not very stylish, yet, they are amazing for the severe weather and extreme sports.

Beanie Wool Hats

A knitted hat is, for example, well-known and worn by many different generations and both genders. It comes in various types and colors and can be worn for various occasions. That is exactly why these hats are so popular. Beanie hats are also most of the time knitted and wearable in both genders. People like them because they look so casual, yet, these hats can be worn in many different forms. You can choose between slouch beanie, a pom pom one, cotton beanie, wool beanie or even chunky one.

Fur Headbands

Authentic fur headbands are made from fur which is always lush and long. There are many types of these hats, starting from fox fur ones, through mink and raccoon fur headbands, to chinchilla hats. You have got the point how headbands can be made from any type of fur hats are also made from. The best thing about fur headbands is definitely how they have two looks in one. Also, an extra wide bend of a different kind of fur is what adds a note of luxury.

Best types of fur hats for men

The most wanted fur hats for men are Russian hats (Ushankas), Aviator and bomber hats, trapper and coonskin ones, classic and beanie hats.

*Russian hats are made for all those gentlemen who like classic hats which are made from the finest fur and serve to protect you from the harsh winters and severe weather. Of course, these not just serve for that but are also an amazing furry accessory you can get. You can combine them with a jacket or a coat.

*Aviator and bomber hats are a little bit less fashionable, or that is what people who don’t prefer sports style think. They will serve you greatly for extreme sports and winters.

*Trapper and coonskin hats are made for everyone who enjoys traditions combined with fashion. These hats can suit every outfit, a casual or a formal one.

*Classic hats are worn among people with high statuses since they have been made while beanies are here to add some different and casual touch.

Among these categories, you won’t make a mistake by choosing at least two different types of hats to completely add a valuable touch to your style.

Best types of fur hats for women

The truth is how women pay more attention to fashion, and therefore, they have a wider range of choice when it comes to their perfect furry accessory.

Fur pom pom hats are an amazing choice for everyone who likes some details when it comes to some classy fashion.

Fashion fur hats are either knitted or made from 100% fur and come plain or with the details. They go perfectly with every day’s clothing choices and are very comfortable.

Fox fur hats are perfectly designed for all those ladies that want a luxurious accessory. The best would be to wear them with a coat.

Russian and trapper hats are also beloved within ladies because they have different ways of wearing (already explained above in the categories). These hats perfectly suit both day and night occasions.

Sheepskin hats can be compared to fedora hats because of their looks and an effect they provide.

Fur headbands are an amazing accessory you should get for yourself beside a fur hat. This type can be worn during the spring and autumn too. A fur headband perfectly suits classy but also cute outfits.

Which one do you choose? Let us know in the comments!

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