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About Sheepskin & Shearling Fur Hats

Sheepskin hats are also known under another name – shearling hats. Although these hats have a few differences, they definitely have more similarities. For example, sheepskin trapper hat and shearling trapper hat may not completely look the same, but they definitely share the same natural qualities.

These hats have got their popularity for its sustainability, warmth.  Sheepskin (shearling) fur hat keeps you completely dry even when the rain or the highest winter’s conditions strikes in. 

If you are searching for fur hats that resists wrinkles, snags, the best choice is mouton hats. They always look fashionable, yet, you will be always prepared for any kind of ”natural weather danger”.

Did you know these hats are completely wind-proof? It is just another reason to have it.