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About Our Ushanka Fur Hats
Ushanka hats definitely have a long history and tradition. It is known as a Russian ushanka originally because that is exactly where hats with earflaps have been worn. Besides that, other Slavic nations have also been wearing ushankas for quite a long time. Besides Russia, nowadays ushanka hat is a popular accessory in Canada, United States, Scandinavian and western Europe countries.

This amazing piece of accessory definitely has huge value when cold winter comes.

Ushanka hat is made of the different materials but always of those which help to endure severe weather conditions. Most often it is made of sheepskin, fox, or mink fur.

Russian fur hats, including ushanka hat, are made in such a way that they can protect you from those Northern winters when the temperature drops to incredible -50°C!

Although Russian ushanka hat is one of the most popular men’s fur hats, women wear it too.

Nowadays, the ushanka fur hat has developed in so many ways. Designers all around the globe like to make some changes in traditional fur ushankas so they can be worn on an everyday basis. Ladies mostly prefer white fox ushanka because it shows their elegance and completes their style in the most sophisticated way, men usually choose to wear silver or any dark color hat.

If you want to get a unisex real fur hat for yourself and your beloved partner, this category is the right choice. It always comes with an adjustable chin strap so you won’t need to worry about the size.

Ushanka hat will do a great job for both genders if you want to share your new hat with your beloved partner!