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About Russian Fur Hats

There are so many synonyms and types for Russian fur hats: these hats are known as ushankas, shapkas, soviet hats, trapper hats and many more.

Fur hats come in different styles and types. The standard Russian fur hat has been made in the 20th century. These hats have been mostly worn to keep people safe from the long cold winters.

Lately, in the popular culture, ushanka hat finally got its place in the nowadays fashion world, so these hats are not only reserved Russians anymore, but for everyone who likes to stay warm during the harsh weather, and of course, to look glamorous.

When it comes to types, there are plenty of them. Sable fur hats, for example, have been worn for almost 2 centuries.

Earlier, these hats ware mostly made from raccoon fur and had ultra-soft fur exterior which provided people with a great safeguard for extreme weather conditions.

Today, such a hat is often made from sheepskin or fox fur, it definitely looks more stylish. The ear flaps can be tied in 3 different ways – it is up to you how will you wear it.

Many ladies around the globe are still not sure if this type of hat is reserved for gentlemen only. Well, we have great news – no, they are not! Shapka hats nowadays are worn all around the globe and they come in different styles and colors to fit both men and women.

If you prefer a luxurious lifestyle, you will always go for those hats that look sophisticated, modern – mink fur ushanka hat for example. But, if you are searching for something more casual which will protect you from the harsh weather when you are playing your favorite extreme sports, then search for a hat with two different types of fur combined.

Keep in mind that these hats from NordFur will serve for a lifetime and will be available to wear like a new one even after 2 or even 3 decades.