Natural Collar Orange Mink Fur Keyhole Scarf


Keyhole Mink Fur Scarf / Small Collar / Neck Wrap for Women

Dimensions: length ~ 38″ (95cm), width ~ 3″ (8cm)

Color: bright collar orange

The scarf has a hole in one end to keep it fastened together and stay nicely wrapped around your neck

Looks perfect on dresses, jackets, coats

This scarf is handmade in Europe

Fur quality: Kopenhagen Fur Platinum

Silk lining, black color



Flaunting the goodness of mink fur, here is an attractive real fur scarf for all those looking to get a warm neck wrap.

It boasts a bright orange color that communicates warmth during chilly winters. It has a simple design bearing a keyhole style for ease of wrapping.

Hence, you can safely wear it either as a decorative collar, or a neck wrap to get warmth without the need to adjust it again and again.


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