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About the Trapper Fur Hats

Trapper hats are worn in various parts all around the globe, but one thing is clear – they have always been extremely popular in different parts of North America for so long. This type of hat is often called a Russian hat or ushanka for design similarities.

There is a wide range of trapper hats. When it comes to colors, people tend to choose simplicity because it can be easily combined with any outfit, yet it looks so luxurious. When it comes to elegant trapper hats for men, gentlemen’s choice is mostly an authentic mink fur hat and women tend to choose ones with fox fur.

The trapper fur hat is easily recognized because of its ear flaps. Those can be tied in the different ways – at the bottom, at the top, or at the back.  

Genuine fur hats like these never lose their value. That is definitely because of the materials it is made from. Some people tend to understand this accessory as a part of a status symbol, while others enjoy its great protection from severe weather.

For example, a hat with ear flaps is adored and worn by those who prefer active leisure.