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Mink Fur Ushanka Hat

Original price was: $359.00.Current price is: $335.00.

Mink fur ushanka hat with ear flaps

Natural black fur – has a slightly brown shade

Unisex – fits men & women

Adjustable size – up to 59cm (23′)



This Mink Fur Ushanka Hat is a unique headwear that sets itself apart from other types of hats. Mostly in the color of solid black, getting this product is a great way to provide style to your outfit. It is equipped with crafted designs that appear appealing to the eye, helping to set you up as the center of attraction.

As the most ushanka hats, this one is designed to wear for men & women.

1 review for Mink Fur Ushanka Hat

  1. Felixo

    Great value for the money, I would never find anything close to this quality at this price here in NY. The special features of ear flaps make it the first choice compared to other hats. Its color is a real deal here. Also, hat is good to go for both men and women so I share it with my girlfriend.

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