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Red Fox Full Fur Ushanka Hat with Ear Flaps


Fox fur hat with ear flaps

Color: natural red

Unisex: fits men & women

Handmade lining, 100% viscose

Adjustable size – head circumference up to 60cm (24 inches)



For all those looking for a warm head cover to cope with freezing temperatures, here we present an exciting full fur red fox ushanka hat. The hat boasts real red fox fur that not only feels cozy but also imparts a sense of warmth to the sight.

With large ear flaps, soft inside viscose lining, and unisex style that fits men and women, this hat is a must-have for everyone yearning to cherish the goodness of winters without compromising on the fashion standards.

2 reviews for Red Fox Full Fur Ushanka Hat with Ear Flaps

  1. ANNA

    It even feels warm to look at this red color! Thanks, NordFur, for my new favorite winter headwear

  2. Indominan2

    This red fox hat keeps me warm with its ear flaps during the coldest windy days. I was not sure about my size, but after a quick consultation with their support I bought the right size which fits me perfectly.

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