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Why makes fox fur collars so special?

Although there are different types of fur collars, a fox fur collar is definitely known to be one of the most wanted in the nowadays fashion world. Fox fur is one of the fluffiest, lightest and warmest fur to wear. Also, fox fur can be easily dyed to any color. Our collars have a silk lining, they are detachable and the best thing – one size fits everyone!

The best sellers are black fox fur collar with leather inserts, a long dark blue fur collar, a solid-gray collar, and, of course, the beautiful silver fox fur collar. If you want to get one for yourself, know how you will be able to improve every outfit you try to carry out! The best would be to pick one which shows your status and elegance.

Fox fur collar – the best winter accessory you can get for yourself

This is an ideal handmade accessory to have during the cold period of the year. More and more ladies worldwide choose to wear fur cuffs and collars for their unique characteristics like lightness, fluffiness, warmth.

They are made of the most luxurious fur where its interior is lined with silk. The buttons make it all easier-you are able to instantly attach it to any coat you like or just wear it on your jacket.

What is your choice?